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Ventilation Projects

Ventilation is the art of changing or replacing air in any space to ensure good Indoor Air Quality by controlling Odors, heat, smoke, moisture, dust, particles etc or for life safety Air & Power has the capability and experience in designing, procuring & Erecting necessary equipment & commissioning all kinds of ventilation systems for various applications like :

  • -Car Park ventilation– DUCTED OR DUCTLESS
  • -Smoke Ventilation for Atriums, Theatres, Hotels, Tall buildings, Retail, Health care and various public spaces.
  • -Mechanical Ventilation for Kitchens, Toilets, Utility areas like STP / Panel rooms / Fire pump rooms etc., Hotels, Offices, Factory floors, Public spaces
  • -Fresh air ventilation for various occupied spaces

Backed by full knowledge of NBC as well as local building / Fire codes we are able to design, install & commission systems to ensure full safety and statutory compliance. We have an experience and trained workforce to handle all kinds of Ventilation equipment like :

  • -Axial fans
  • -Centrifugal Fans
  • -Inline Fans
  • -Jen fans – Impulse or Induction
  • -Air Washers
  • -Scrubbers – Dry or Wet
  • -Roof extract fans