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Fit out Projects

Commercial property fit-outs require an extensive amount of planning to be completed properly. A number of competing priorities must work together to ensure seamless operations that
-Don't cause damage to the building
-Don't exceed budgets
-Ensure time schedules – most critical
-Don't disturb other occupants of the building
-Ensure that the design / execution is in sync and co-ordinated with the High side equipment already installed

A commercial HVAC contractor who has invested in the resources and personnel to perform this capability in-house will have committed themselves to efficiency in fit-out projects. A fit-out project has tough deadlines at all stages including mobilisation, design, shop drawings, execution & handing over.

Air & Power has handled several fit-out projects ranging from 5,000 sq feet to 3,00,000 sq feet successfully and has the expertise to take care of the specific needs.