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Air & Power specializes in Heating, Ventilating & Air-conditioning contracting for all kinds of applications & project sizes. The company covers the full scope of Design, detailed engineering, procurement, project management, installation, testing, commissioning of Air-conditioning systems with Chillers or VRF or DX systems as the case would be.
Backed by a highly trained & experienced team across all aspects starting from Designing, Project execution, Quality control, Safety at workplace, Commercials and Commissioning. Each team member is trained on a regular basis and works on continuously improving his/her skills. The team has the ability to work with different tools like BIM etc to ensure proper co-ordination with other services and agencies. The organization has grown stronger every year and executed HVAC contracts for Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, IT parks, Education institutes, Infra-structure projects etc.
The company has a policy of no compromise in quality and commitment to project time lines as committed and feasible. Contracting is backed by a strong knowledge of products and a well-networked supply chain.